Saturday, April 12, 2014

Welcome to Popular Culture 101

This blog is for anyone who is a Popular Culture Enthusiast professional, academic, layperson, or whatever.

We love critical thinkers who are keen observers and interested in a lively exploration of ...

Popopoly — 1. the monopolopy of pop culture in our lives and vernacular; 2. the overwhelming popularity, common ground, and empathetic elements through popular culture provided people of varying backgrounds and experiences. 
For those with the vision and insight to look at pop culture as more than just seeing stuff, saying stuff, doing stuff, counting stuff, and owning stuff — to these poptometrists, pop scientists, popcommunicologists, popmaticians, popaeologistswe say welcome! Let's start digging.  

In the next post, we'll issue a call for papers for a planned textbook on Pop Culture. Looking forward to talking with you about that and other projects.

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